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Note: The Cultural Diplomacy Program accepts only feature films from the CCAZ member countries. These must be at least one hour in duration, subtitled in English, and completed within the last three years. Fiction, non-fiction, and documentaries of value to Arizona audiences are considered. Submitted films cannot be available on the localy available PPV (pay-per-view), or VOD (video on demand) service, and must not have been previously publicly shown in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Festival screening format media must be either DCP (Digital Cinema Projection), or BD (Blue Ray Disc) and authorized for 3 screenings during the festival specific dates. All media shipping expenses are the responsibility of the submitting country/diplomatic mission.

Year 2019 in review:

The Audience Award was won by the Czech film Jan Palach
Congratulations to Robert Sedláček!

Thank you for attending and supporting our program!

April 8 - 14, 2019
at Harkins Theatres Scottsdale 101




Screening Times:
Wednesday, April 10 at 5:00 pm
Saturday, April 13 at 11:20 am
Sunday, April 14 at 10:00 am

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The Fireflies Are Gone

Original languge title: La disparition des lucioles


Director: Sébastien Pilote

Cast: Karelle Tremblay, Pierre-Luc Brillant, Marie-France Marcotte, François Papineau, Luc Picard

Producer: Bernadette Payeur

Cinematography: Michel La Veaux

Screenplay: Sébastien Pilote

Length: 96 minutes

Language: French

Léo (Karelle Tremblay) is a teenage malcontent, often brittle and explosively argumentative with her mother and stepfather. In an uncharacteristically social moment, she pursues a friendship with Steve (Pierre-Luc Brillant), an older, introverted guitar teacher living in his mother’s basement, and they instinctively understand that they may be able to help each other. It is a deftly made jewel box of a film: nuanced, sweet, and powerful in its portrayal of one pivotal summer for its characters.

Trailer: English subtitles

Awards: Toronto International Film Festival: Won, Best Canadian Feature Film; Whistler Film Festival: Won, Phillip Borsos Award (Best Cinematography in a Borsos Competition Fim); Fargo Film Festival: Won, Best Narrative Feature- Honorable Mention

Facebook: French and English

Czech Republic


Screening Times:
Monday, April 8 at 2:30 pm
Friday, April 12 at 7:50 pm
Sunday, April 14 at 2:15 pm

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Jan Palach

Original languge title: Jan Palach


Director: Robert Sedláček

Cast: Viktor Zavadil, Zuzana Bydžovská, Denisa Barešová, Kristína Kanátová, Jan Vondráček, Michal Balcar, Karel Jirák, Gérard Robert Gratadour, Simone Hrášková, Patrik Paušo, Ivan Sochor, Tomáš Havlínek

Producers: Silvia Panáková, Erik Panák, Jan Schwarcz, Viktor Schwarcz, Jan Maxa

Cinematography: Jan Šuster

Screenplay: Eva Kantůrková

Length: 124 minutes

Language: Czech

Jan Palach - student, who set himself ablaze in 1969 to protest the Soviet invasion to Czechoslovakia. An uncompromising young man who brought the ultimate sacrifice in a hope to rouse the nation from lethargy. The film depicts the last months of Palach’s life: his path from an affectionate son, a devoted friend, a sensitive and thoughtful philosophy student to the “Torch number 1”.

Trailer: English subtitles

Awards: Czech Film Critics' 2019 Awards: Best Film Winner; 2019 Czech Lion Awards (Oscars equivalent): 7 Nominations

Website: Czech or English



Screening Times:
Tuesday, April 9 at 5:00 pm
Friday, April 12 at 3:55 pm
Saturday, April 13 at 7:55 pm

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Rusty Boys

Original languge title: Rusty Boys


Director: Andy Bausch

Cast: André Jung, Marco Lorenzini, Pol Greisch, Fernand Fox, Josiane Peiffer, Monique Reuter, Myriam Muller, Pitt Simon, Marie Jung, Valérie Bodson, Christiane Rausch, Fabienne Hollwege, Annette Schlechter, Ann Comfort

Producers: Paul Thiltges, Adrien Chef

Cinematography: Carlo Thiel

Screenplay: Andy Bausch, Frank Feitler

Length: 90 minutes

Language: Luxembourgish

When the elderly folk don’t behave like their children would prefer, the latter cannot cope at all. They have enough trouble trying to keep their own children in check, and now the old codgers are rattling their cages as well. Fons (70), Lull (82), Nuckes (65) and Jängi (84) have spent their entire lives not letting themselves be bossed around, and they have no intention of putting up with it now. Together, the four gentlemen plan their futures without an old people’s home. Nuckes is the leading force. As an old ’68 protester, he knows how to organize dissent, but all of this is easier said than done!

Trailer: English and French subtitles

Awards: Liverpool International Film Festival: Nominated, Jury Prize (Best Feature Film); Oldenburg Film Festival: Nominated, German Independence Award - Audience Award (Best Film)

Website: English

Facebook: English and French



Screening Times:
Monday, April 8 at 5:00 pm
Friday, April 12 at 5:40 pm
Saturday, April 13 at 1:40 pm

tickets link

Secret Ingredient

Original languge title: Iscelitel


Director: Gjorce Stavreski

Cast: Blagoj Veselinov, Anastas Tanovski, Aksel Mehmet, Aleksandar Mikic, Miroslav Petkovic

Producer: Gjorce Stavreski

Cinematography: Dejan Dimeski

Screenplay: Gjorce Stavreski

Length: 104 minutes

Language: Macedonian

Vele can’t afford to buy the expensive medications for his father, who has cancer. Desperate, he steals marijuana from some criminals, makes a cake with it and gives it to him, hoping it will reduce his pain. His father’s health miraculously improves, but Vele is suddenly confronted by their neighbors, who demand the recipe for the “remedial” cake, and by the criminals, who want their drugs back. The greatest challenge, however, is to persuade his father that his life is worth living for.

Trailer: English subtitles

Awards: Thessaloniki Film Festival: Won, Audience Award (Best Film); Valencia Festival of Mediterranean Cinema: Won, Best Director; Tirana International Film Festival: Won, Best Debut Film Award; Sofia International Film Festival: Won, Special Mention (Balkan Competition); Santa Barbara International Film Festival: Won, Best International Feature; LET'S CEE Film Festival: Won, Urania (Best Debut Film); Bergamo Film Meeting: Won, Ubi Banca Prize (Best Film); Aubagne International Film Festival: Won, Best Feature Film

Website: English

Facebook: Macedonian



Screening Times:
Tuesday, April 9 at 2:45 pm
Saturday, April 13 at 5:55 pm
Sunday, April 14 at 12:05 pm

tickets link


Original languge title: Luciérnagas


Director: Bani Khoshnoudi

Cast: Arash Marandi, Eduarda Gurrola, Luis Alberti, Eligio Meléndez, Ishbel Mata, Eduardo Mendizábal

Producers: Bani Khoshnoudi, Elsa Reyes

Cinematography: Benjamín Echazarreta

Screenplay: Bani Khoshnoudi

Length: 104 minutes

Language: Spanish

When Ramin hid on a cargo ship leaving Turkey, he never expected to end up in Veracruz, Mexico by accident. Having escaped persecution as a young gay man in his home country, Iran, he suddenly finds himself far from everything he knows, living the life of an exile in this nostalgic, tropical port where his past and future are constantly confronted by new relationships and revivified desires.

Trailer: English subtitles

Awards: Miami Film Festival: Nominated, HBO Ibero-American Competition (Best Film); Göteborg Film Festival: Nominated, Dragon Award (International Competition)

Website: English

Facebook: Spanish

All films are with English subtitles



We look forward to seeing you at the movies.

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