Honorary Consul

The Honorable Alisa C. Jost
Consulate of the Swiss Confederation
7320 E. Shoeman Lane
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Tel. 480.329.4705

Former Chair of the Consular Corps of Arizona


Alisa Jost is a global entrepreneur with experience in public diplomacy and corporate innovation. She has created successful solutions in healthcare, manufacturing (steel and automotive) and in retail/fashion.

An effective communicator, Alisa successfully introduced Solar Impulse to government and corporate leaders throughout the United States. She established a growing medical practice and doubled the revenues within two years. Alisa also conducted in-depth research of the world nickel market to allow the purchase of a $2.2B global company.

Resourceful and intuitive, Alisa‚Äôs greatest personal strength is her ability to rapidly acquire, integrate and analyze information in a meaningful way: reducing costs, improving profits and identifying opportunities. Her diverse skill set, depth & breadth of knowledge and creativity has allowed her to develop an effective benefits and profit sharing plan, to manage complicated commercial and residential real estate transactions, and to handle medical malpractice suits and hospital investigations. 

In addition, Alisa Jost serves as Honorary Consul for Switzerland in Arizona (since 2007).

Alisa has a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree in Material Science and she maintains her Professional Engineer designation from the province of Ontario (Canada).